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5 Types of Fathers We All Know

It’s not an easy task, to get someone a meaningful gift. Being a parent is a full-time job and one that is usually taken for granted. But every now and then, it’s good to take a pause and celebrate them and let them know that their efforts matter. Here are a few ways you can acknowledge the different types of fathers in your life!

The Cool Dad!

He’s the one who is known to never say no (even to that Goa trip!)

The one who always has fun stories of his childhood to share.

  • We’ve got the perfect gift for someone who’s most like him!
    This necklace will add to his sass.
  • Ensure that his styling adds to his coolness.
  • Keep up his image with that pop of colour!
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The New Dad!

Do you know anyone who’s just become a dad in your circle?

The one who you couldn’t imagine as one but here he is, making us all proud!

There’s something we think will make for the perfect gift!

- This fanny pack will sure be something extremely useful for him to carry a few things when it’s his turn to look after the baby.

- Easy to pair colour, will go with literally anything!

- That cord is multi-purpose! 

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The Overprotective One!

There’s always that one dad who’s always playing by the book.

Who tends to not take too many risks and Googles everything (IYKYK).

For him, we think he’d love this!

  • Something that doesn’t demand too much attention.
  • It’s a safe colour and easy to style whichever way.
  • Something he’d never like to remove.
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The Serial Chiller!

We’re talking about someone who’s seen as the ‘chill parent’.

& the one who’s always losing his phone!

Getting something for him is probably the easiest. Here’s what we suggest

  • Never misplace his phone again!
  • Multipurpose cord because that’s how he likes it!
  • A colour that will go with everything that he wears.
Shop Phone Chain

The Style King

That one dad who’s the talk of every room he walks into.

Style game is always on-point and never fails to go bold!

Well, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get him this

  • A statement brooch will make for the perfect addition to his collection.
  • A fun element to add to his jumpers and blazers and even tees.
  • Also because he will LOVE it!
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We hope this guide helped you find the perfect gift for a father that deserves to be recognised! A gift is just to commemorate the day, but don’t forget that they deserve to be celebrated every day!

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