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amama EL 2.0 jewellery collection

EL 2.0

A transformation of the iconic Elysian, EL 2.0 represents the rebirth or metamorphosis of Amama’s most loved collection. The collection draws its inspiration heavily from nature, like the sleek contours of butterfly wings or the gastropod shells in mollusks. The ideal jewel piece for a young, fierce, and bold individual is an eclectic vision of modern silhouettes perfectly harmonized with a vibrant colour palette.

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Save 40%Cattleheart Choker
EL 2.0
Cattleheart Choker Sale priceRs 6,600.00 Regular priceRs 11,000.00
Save 40%Orb Lock Lariat in GoldOrb Lock Lariat in Gold
EL 2.0
Orb Lock Lariat in Gold Sale priceRs 2,700.00 Regular priceRs 4,500.00
Save 40%Swallowtail Sculpted ChokerSwallowtail Sculpted Choker
EL 2.0
Swallowtail Sculpted Choker Sale priceRs 5,100.00 Regular priceRs 8,500.00
Save 40%Orb Layered NecklaceOrb Layered Necklace
EL 2.0
Orb Layered Necklace Sale priceRs 5,040.00 Regular priceRs 8,400.00