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"Is duniya te jinne rishte, sab jhute te beroop.
Ma  da rishta sab do saccha ma hi rab da roop."
For many of us in India, it's our grand parents who raise us, while our parents are busy hustling through life. We've grown up listening to our Dadi's tales of magical lands far away, relishing every delicacy our nani's made; the aam ka achar with aalloo ka parantha, the garam garam aate ka halwa.
It's in their arms that we find comfort and solace, hugging them as we get a whiff of their own peculiar scent as they gently stroke our hair washes all our worries away.
Amama pays homage to the beautiful silver handcrafted heirlooms a grandmother passed on to her granddaughter and this week we pay homage to an eighty five year old strong, beautiful grandmother who's been more than a mother and a friend to her beautiful granddaughter.
While shooting with Dadi, her granddaughter (who kept dotting on her) spoke about her unique bond with her Dadi.
Apart from enjoying decadent desserts together, which Dadi says is her only weakness they enjoy working on small creative projects together. Dadi cuts out articles and images of clothes she think would look good on her grand daughter and keeps them safe in her wallet to show them to her later. 
Till date her granddaughter models every purchase of hers to get her approval, Dadi always approves.
From animal prints to bright colors, Dadi doesn't shy away from anything. Her wardrobe isn't the conventional grandma's wardrobe. But no matter what she wears she always looks classic and elegant.
As we shot the last picture of the day, we complimented Dadi on how beautiful she looked. Her granddaughter has never looked more proud.

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